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The EEOTY2017 “task force” is working hard in adding value to your trip to Portugal.

We have now the hotel agreement for your pre and after Event stays working out a fixed price per night and double room of € 110,00 at CROWN PLAZA HOTEL PORTO.

Under this possibility we have extend the 3 Rallye -Tours prepared for saturday the 5th august, to your descritionary time options days before or after Event, this way allowing you to take advantage of profiting more driving your MG in Porto region and Northern Portugal supported by these road-books.

On Saturday all the 3 Rallye-Tours will finish at GAIA, south bank of river Douro, where all the Port Wine cellars stays, and overlooking the old part of Porto town, the one World Heritage by UNESCO. Sponsored by the GAIA Mayor we will have an easier return back to hotels, to be ready for the Gala Dinner.

As mentioned one of these rallye-tours will take you to Aveiro, place of particular traditional sweets “ovos moles” where you will learn out to cook it, and walking in center town you may enjoy to take a touristic boat to ship around its channels.

Or you have already decide to go to “Vinho Verde” region, where you will drive right and left bank of rio Douro and go across vinho verde vineyards and taste this light wine.

Finally you have to know the most important towns north of Portugal, BRAGA (also known as bracara augusta) and GUIMARÃES berth of nationality and its Palace of “Duques de Bragança and the Castle, where it was born the first portuguese monarchy, place of kings.

Oh, the weather. Do not be afraid of the possibility of too warm days in august as the region you will drive around has the ocean breeze which makes it a mild nicely sunny days.
Now, if you already received the confirmation of your registration by our secretariat, do send us a photo of your MG you would like to see in the EEOTY2016 magazine.

O fim de uma viagem é apenas o começo de outra. É preciso ver o que não foi visto, ver outra vez o que se viu já. - José Saramago [Nobel Prize 1998 ]
“The end of one journey is only the beginning of another. It is necessary to see what has not been seen, to see again what has already been seen.”




Your host Club,


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